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Welcome to Flipbook Records, an independent Label

Our past has been about signing aspiring singer-songwriters and providing them with platforms, tutors and facilities with which to develop their skills and talents.
We then promote and licence their work worldwide to Labels, Adverts, TV and Multi-Media Book Publishers.

Flipbook Records current catalogue includes .....

Sam Smith Diva Boy ► The story of where and how it all began for Sam, published by Flipbook TV in a multi-media book bringing 'Diva Boy Sam' to life in a multi-layered viewing, listening and reading experience. This includes Sam's Debut mainstream Album 'Time Won't Wait' written by SupaSubs plus Dance Singles and Album.

Walking To A Different Beat ► A multi-media book telling the story of Ziggi Baker and SupaSubs 25 year journey through the music business giving an insight into the music business rarely or probably never seen before and hosting over 200 of their songs including those they wrote for Sam Smith.

SD3TV ► The Album from this six-part online tv series of music, comedy and guests.

BandishAid ► A unique performance by the very best of tribute artists.

SupaSub ► Prolific songwriting and production team.

Lindsey Butler ► The Voice.

A Single Symphony ► Entertaining and thought provoking.

BE ► Inspired by the work of..... Mozart, Verdi & Puccini.

.....and more

Contact Us for a list of available music and/or if you have a specific brief or music requirement.